Happy Mothers Day-Honor Thy Mother’s Hands



This is a story about a young boy named Timothy who’s desire to succeed at racing got the best of him when he realized that the desire to want something out of life even can be a process of courage, integrity practice, patience, and a will power. And though Timothy would eventually persevere through it all, his story can be a lesson to us all.

Mamba Mentality

Where were you when Kobe Bryant died?
In the midst of the upcoming Basketball Hall of Fame Induction nominees named to the 2020 list, and in the wake of his tragic death this past January, I thought I would be a great opportunity to the legacy of Kobe Bryant and his Mamba Mentality alter ego.

RIP Bill Withers

Today the music world is full of sad quivers As the news of a legends passing sends emotional shivers Bill Withers is a singer Withering away from us too soon A man of peaceful, uplifting, and encouraging tunes Will now be singing his melodies in God’s Heavenly room Including myself, he leaves behind so many […]

Guitar Gangster

Guitar Gangster walking into the unknown…Got his six string in toe…Walking down this lonely dark road…Looking to strum a melody tone…My weapon of choice is guitar…Fighting in concert at Dive Bars…Fingers gently trigger the chorus cords…Firing the music into the crowd.Sound spreads like bullets all around…It’s a war zone in here…A soulful victory of rhythm […]

A Holy Proclamation – Poem

In a time of isolation that has become such an enunciation Where days spent with the wind has become an abbreviation Having a hard time to cope amid all the devastation Suddenly we begin to feel incarnate form of pity for such a helpless incarceration Where a loneliness rhythm of monotone infatuates the imagination When […]

Mirror Mirror Off The Wall

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, look into my eyes so that I may see it all. Help me to see all things in creation, as though they stand. And allow me to admire all that which I AM. If you’re like me, married with a heart driven by the desire to be close to our […]

Mixed Pallet

What can you create with a pallet? There are several things you can re-create with one, such as a chair, table, some sort of shelf, or rack etc. To obtain a pallet though is not easy to come by. Chances are even that the pallet you use has held many things on it. At least […]

Pleasure Principal-Poem

In The Waiting, The freight gets so Heavy. We suffer through circumstances, while clinging to a stronghold of the Levy. The Sinful Pleasure so hangs in the balance. Anxious thoughts suddenly eclipse with an indictable malice. The Good and the Bad juggling back and forth in my Head Brain. The Soul searches to stay peacefully […]


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