Pleasure Principal-Poem

In The Waiting, The freight gets so Heavy.
We suffer through circumstances, while clinging to a stronghold of the Levy.
The Sinful Pleasure so hangs in the balance.
Anxious thoughts suddenly eclipse with an indictable malice. The Good and the Bad juggling back and forth in my Head Brain. The Soul searches to stay peacefully sane.
Nerves mount up inside where we just cannot control it.
Perhaps there’s a Higher Power somewhere to Help us Console it. Though I Don’t need no power from some crazy external substance.
Because Power is Internal, it’s can be found spiritually inside us.
It just requires Faith and Believing that we’ve been wonderfully made.
And an Acceptance among us that we Our Selfish ways don’t have the final say.
For it is the act of Repentance, in acknowledging God leads the way.


  1. Jacqui Murray · March 30, 2020

    What a lovely poem. There so much to feel doomed about these days. I like the juxtaposition with the positive. We need that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • daddyflash79 · March 30, 2020

      Well Thank you for reading. I love the word juxtaposition. I could use that in a future post 🤔


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