Mixed Pallet


What can you create with a pallet? There are several things you can re-create with one, such as a chair, table, some sort of shelf, or rack etc. To obtain a pallet though is not easy to come by. Chances are even that the pallet you use has held many things on it.

At least in my line of work, I encounter a lot of pallets every day. I am required to scoop them up with my forklift and take the material that is on them to certain destinations. Most of which are mixed pallets, meaning there are multiple part numbers on the boxes stacked on the pallet in which also have multiple locations on the box(s). Those destinations are primarily in a warehouse in which holds a wide variety of stock that is housed on shelves and/or racks throughout the warehouse. The stock is meant to replenish the material that is used to build the product that my company distributes to those who seek it.pallet-racks1

It’s people like me that make it possible for people like you to be as creative as you want with an empty pallet. My job also requires me to dispose of the pallet when I am done with it, or at best, take it to a location where the pallet gets taken away on a truck to be recycled and/or used for another set of material. Trust me when I tell you that I have developed a sense of attraction in seeing the beauty of what all that wood that makes up the pallet, and how it can be reused and turned into something else that is not only useful, but affordable too. So, you would think a guy such as myself whom works around pallets everyday would have a way to collect pallets for myself to do other things with, but I would unfortunately have to cut through a lot of red tape if I wanted to take pallets home to keep for myself. It’s not like I can just stow the them away in a place for safe holding, nor fit them in my car either.

Put yourself in my shoes for a moment. What if you had to empty that mixed pallet to the multiple destinations/locations in which they go? What if you had to sort through the many different part numbers mixed throughout the stack? Truth is you do, and you can apply the mixed pallet concept that it is to many other jobs, but it is the revelation I had after putting away the mixed pallet that really applies here.

You see, there are a lot of things you yourself will encounter in your lifetime that can relate to my mixed pallet. Our whole life is a mixed pallet if you really think about it. Think of it as how your mind works. We start our days as one solid piece, but with many moving parts. It is most common however for a lot of us as humans to want to just keep all of those part numbers on the same pallet, and shove them all in one area of our warehouse like brains and not take the time to sort through them, and put the materials in the proper places that they really belong or need to be. Instead we have this sub-conscious feeling like things can be taken care of later. It’s because it requires actual work. To act, do the physical or mental labor it will take to sort through it all.

In a perfect world, the whole pallet can be stocked on a shelf all as one, but I got news for you, even warehouses aren’t perfectly stocked. The one I work at anyway is a total mess, but this is not so much about my warehouse (SELF) that I work in, as it is your own Self and well being Warehouse like pallet. The pallet is not going to unstack itself, It is up to us as human beings to sort through it and come up with a way of organization to deliver the whatever material that is on it to where it really needs to go. It’s all about taking action and picking our materials up off the pallet and moving them to your desired location. That material must be stored in a location in which it is easily accessible for you to replenish your product, thus your goal for the day.

I hope you see where I am going with this. My mixed pallet is just a metaphor for a lifestyle of success. Here is another thing you must know. That pallet took me nearly three whole hours to get through all the part numbers and put them in their proper locations. I even knew it was going to be a challenge and take me a while to finish, and it obviously was but I accepted the challenge and got right to work. I faced many discouraging circumstances putting that pallet away, and it was certainly frustrating. I fought through it though, and not just because it was my job, but it was because of my work ethic. Your lives will present many unknowingly and unwanted challenges every single day. You can either choose to avoid those challenges or receive them head on. Kind of like how me and my colleagues receive pallets. We most of the time have a choice of which pallets we want to put away, and which ones we don’t, and either save for later, or hope somebody else puts it away.

Their lies the problem, we subconsciously tend to procrastinate all the hard work, and only seem to go for what is most easy to us. Nobody wants to take the time required to sort through all the excess material. We just want to put it away and be done with it. We think that it is more gratifying to do the easier thing, and fear the inevitable of the unknown, unfamiliar hardship of putting in the work. It is easy for us to feel as if we do not have time to do things because of the processes in which it takes to get certain things done. Therefore, it is easy to refuse to even approach the pallet in the first place or hesitate to stick our forks under the pallet to grab it and pick it up.

Stacked Pallets



Can I press you to say that you are not a person of great integrity if you always just chose to put away the easy pallets though? Can I also venture to guess you are not courageous for thinking you do not have the time, and are just wasting time if you take the time to dig into the pallet and sort through your material issues? I want to issue you a challenge then. The challenge is to find a mixed pallet in your mind and use your heart to dig deep through all the material that is on that pallet and put it in its proper place. Commit to create a process flow through your own warehouse (SELF) in which your material is accessible to you whenever you need it. I know, I know; It’s not easy, but I can personally guarantee you that if you can just start the process, even just by cutting the saran wrap off, or maybe just one layer at a time, that soon after that you will be able to empty that pallet like I did, but for you, you can accomplish whatever it is. You may chose to create a masterpiece out of that pallet if you just put in the work that is required, and I can promise you will indeed become even more satisfied, fulfilled and grateful for achieving it yourself.

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