A Holy Proclamation – Poem

In a time of isolation that has become such an enunciation

Where days spent with the wind has become an abbreviation

Having a hard time to cope amid all the devastation

Suddenly we begin to feel incarnate form of pity for such a helpless incarceration

Where a loneliness rhythm of monotone infatuates the imagination

When all the allegations interpret a needy desperation

It’s easy to grow weary and fall into a state of deprivation

But the algorithm is a resolve of hope in the adverse situation

For which there’s No need for desecration

For what is only a momentary infatuation

It is much more humbling moment to savor

When you call onto a bittersweet salvation

Which requires an integrated form of deep communication

Letting Go of ourselves is one of the toughest confessions

But the weakness turns to strength in form of supernatural cultivation

Reconstructing of the spirit inside us becomes the indoctrination

It is a great lesson to adhere to the instruction

Though its Beck and call for a manner of courage in way of sanctification

Sacrificially withdrawing of one’s expectations

Withholding such judgement of persecution

In the practice of patience with a virtue demonstration

The suffering does not have to be such a suffocation

The blood has already been shed for our sinful inclinations

Therefore, Pain can be tolerated through a prayer meditation

Surrender to a cross vetted confrontation

A moment of solitude puts you in the presence of Jesus’s jurisdiction

Remaining fixated on his word in order to reach a new destination

Reaching new heights in even the lowest of elevations

Oh, what a juxtaposition

Positioning yourself with no limitations

A participation in a worship could be a glorious resurrection

To ensure of such a magnificent restoration

A Graceful form of Mercy breeds a plentiful revelation

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