Happy Easter Resurrection Day: The story of How a Rabbit and Jesus are tied together


Well Happy Easter Everyone.

Easter is a fun Holiday that we have been accustomed to being known as a Holiday in which we worship a Bunny Rabbit bringing colored eggs and candy and toys to children. If you think about it, it is very similar to Christmas, and how on that day we long for Santa Clause to bring us presents.

Though we have all grown up to the ideas of Easter being about Bunnies, eggs, and candy, we must not forget about what this day really represents and is truly known and remembered for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

He is Risen


There have been many tales passed down from generation to generation about the Easter Bunny, but did you know however that the The “Oschter haws,” or Easter hare, first originated in Germany? It has been said, wise tale or not, that as German immigrants came to the United States way back in the 18th century and settled in Pennsylvania, a rabbit hopped across the pond with them.

History also suggests that Easter has been derived from the German culture of children hiding nests made of upside down hats around their homes in lieu of such a magnificent bunny creature placing colorful eggs inside of them as a reward for good behavior.


It was said that later in the 19th century that the U.S. adopted that tradition in what we now today call the infamous Easter Egg Hunt.

The folklore of it all doesn’t stop there as even pagan cultures in Western Europe were known to have tied the bunny creature to the season of spring, birth, and the Virgin Mary, who to them has been seen as the goddess of fertility, and has been shown holding eggs and rabbits a time or two.


It is really quite fascinating to know that to ancient Greeks believed that a rabbit could conceive as virgins, thus being tied to the Virgin Mary of having become pregnant without knowing man. Thus in medieval times were exhibited alongside paintings of the Virgin Mary to represent purity.

That in which of course but a myth, but one in which a folklorist himself, Jacob Grimm depicted in his fairy-tale suggestion of the Easter Bunny derived from German pagan origins. Yet suddenly thereafter, the rumors began to spread, as others would soon catch on to this belief that the Easter Bunny comes from Saxon Goddess Eostre, a mystical woman believed to have been associated with the season of Spring, and Rebirth, all the while the dyeing of eggs a colorful symbol of fertility and new life.

Despite the fabled history and the Legend of how the Easter Bunny came to fruition, we must not forget about the more Truest story of how the kin of the Virgin Mary in Christ Jesus himself had been resurrected after his sacrificial death on a cross in effort to relieve all us children of the almighty Father God of our sins and transgressions that the world itself is consumed of.


Therefore, Easter Sunday’s are to really be remembered for the fact that Gods infant, everlasting,and steadfast love for all who dwell in his creation, while not only celebrating, but the Three days of this Easter holiday also must remind us to accept and Receive the Lords abundance, Mercy and Grace in which the Death on the Cross symbolizes, and should be practiced all throughout the year, year in, and year out.

This perhaps is what intertwines the myth of the Easter Bunny, and the Resurrection of Jesus into one, is for the fact that they both represent the rebirth and the reborn spirit of a new life in general.

I’d be hard pressed to suggest the Easter Bunny and all the traditional propaganda that is associated as an afterthought, after all, that’s what we all grew up to believe. Including myself. So, I must tread lightly on the subject, especially as a parent of two young children myself.


But what I know I can do, and must do as a child of God, is my duty to spread the gospel. Therefore, spread to others, this True, more richer idea of a God who has bestowed his Heavenly spirit among all of us. And encourage you to accept and Receive his gift, though it’s not in the figurative form of a colored egg, it can be more manifested through first through a humbling surrender of oneself and a strong belief, thus act of courage and showmanship of integrity and faithful love for others around us, and by around us, I don’t just mean our own family, but our neighbors. Neighbors not just of those in our neighborhoods, but those who are all around us all day, every day, through good times and the bad.


That is the way Jesus lived, and wants all of us to follow suit on Easter Sunday.


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