Don’t Stop Believing-Poem

Through a season of Stoppage, of a time forced with ration. Let us not fall short, as we must continue to take action.

We shall continue to fight, through the sadness,and pain. When it Rains, it pours, yet we’ll still Dance to sustain.

After all, there is a glorious victory through dignified change. Our desire for goodness remains that of the essence, because of a predicated notion of an unforeseen presence.

We are uncertain of the things of what our future may bring, but certainly we’ll remain faithful to the Almighty king. For God only knows, and will reveal the Truth behind the curtain.So it’s then we must Trust in his Mercy as we are Blind to all life’s Beasts and Burdens.

We Must Trust in the Lord, and not lean on our own understanding. As long as we can just understand this, life wouldn’t have to seem so demanding.

It is the natural to feel pressure when we don’t get our way, we lean towards a culture of panic in a world full of dismay. Let’s Counter this cultural, premature epidemic, by creating new habits, as a source to get past it.

Let’s not fret in all of the bumps and bruises, and not drown in our own sorrow. If keep swimming on past what has passed, then God promises a better tomorrow. Nothing is Easy, for this God Never did intend. That’s why he created things such as determination and courage, to see it all through until the end.

There are times when all things will come to an end and be put to death. It is in this understanding that God calls us to gather up all that’s left. So be prepared and show Awareness, it’s a risk we must chance. The more we believe this, the better we can endure our current circumstance.

Let us not be afraid, instilling the discipline to open up and Obey Gods Red letters. For it is his word that will shine light on the stars, as Darkness doesn’t last forever.

What is lost can be gained by a simple act of faith, as it was the Universe had been commanded by Gods Power. Therefore he gave us the power to choose, even when we win or lose, we will remain confident, rejoicing our voices to the Mountain Tops, through every minute, every day, every hour.

Your kingdom come,

your will be done.


Just Do It -Poem





























The Farmer and The Dog: A Story about Perseverance through Christ Jesus




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Have you ever heard the story of the farmer and the dog? Where the dog jumps into a well, in which there is no rope, or bucket, no pulley system in place for the dog to be rescued and pulled back onto the normal ground. The farmer then makes a rash decision to just cut his loss. So, he grabs a shovel and starts shoveling dirt into the well to bury the dog. Except the dog is still very much alive and determined to get out of that well somehow, someway. And with his dog-like instincts, and wit, he quickly decides to use the dirt as a steppingstone, using every inch that falls as a boost to reach the top. And as more and more dirt keeps falling on his head, the dog just keeps shaking it off, letting it fall into place, all while creating more and more of a pathway upward toward the light of the sky.
Well the more and more I become a follower of Jesus, the more and more curiosity has set in for me. The curiosity is also leading me to want to become a Pastor of a church someday. So, I have discovered that in this path that I choose, I must seek wisdom and guidance from others.
Anyway, though there are a lot of great Christian Pastors that I have discovered on the Internet, such as Steven Furtick, T.D. Jakes, and Pastor Allen Jackson, amongst others. This story came from a sermon I found online from a guy named Tony Evens. It could a true story, perhaps a biblical one that I myself have not come across yet. Nonetheless, it is indeed a metaphor.


dog held up

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The dog climbing out of the well using the dirt that is being thrown on him by the farmer can be described like this:
The dog was tempted by a dark hole in the ground. He could not resist the urge to jump in and see what all the fuss was about. Could the dog have been persuaded by the farmer, who insisted on destroying the dog? Seeing the dog as vulnerable to his evil ways. Trying to keep the dog down by continuing to throw dirt on the pup.
The dog however, showed courage despite the spite he’s been smitten, and persevered through all of the dirt that has been thrown at his head, and came up with a new plan to conquer his enemy’s wrath, and use it to his advantage in effort to get out of that whole on his way back to the light that he sought to be more soothing to his soul.
You see, whether you are a believer of Christ Jesus, Christian, or no matter what religion, or even not a follower at all, we as humans can relate to this dog. We were put on this earth by someone, whom in which is God. And it is that God who wants us to reach the Heavens, and by that, I don’t mean just go to Heaven when you die. No, God created us to do Heavenly things on this earth. He wants us to live with our spirits high like the heavens every single day of our lives.
But then there is this Satan fella, who is an Enemy of God. Think of Satan as the Farmer in this case. It is Satan who comes and tries to destroy God’s plan for us by tempting us with Sin, or things that we think are fun. Then he keeps throwing dirt on the situation, or us for that matter, in an effort to keep us down.
It is then, that we are faced with two choices. We can either be like the dog, and look at the dirt as a blessing, or we can become discouraged by all the dirt, and just let it bury us deeper and deeper until it is too late.
Too many of us choose to let the dirt bury us these days and let Satan win. Yet we complain too much about not being happy. We have the wrong ideas about what that dirt really can represent. Just like the wrong idea of going to Heaven when we die. It’s not that easy folks. There is so much more to it. Perhaps it’s all for another story, but it is the Truth.
I’ll tell you this though. You may ask, Well, why does God allow Satan to do these things to us? Why doesn’t he just take him in the back alley and beat him up? Because it is not his job to beat him, it is our job to defeat Satan. So, God will allow Satan or just bad people in general into our lives, and allow them to throw dirt on us as a Test to see how we respond. It’s those adversities such as the dirt that we face on a day to day basis in which God wants to see how we react. How will we get out, when we feel trapped?
Matter of fact, God already beat Satan once when he brought his son Christ Jesus back to life after Satan crucified him on the cross. Though it was God himself who allowed this to happen to his own son, he did it for a reason. To let Satan himself know that he does not have the Final Say. It is God who only has the Final Answer.

Thank of it as if God was a General of an Army, and we are his troops. He puts us all through that obstacle course that Military men and women must go through to prepare us for battle. His intent is not to hurt us, He will protect us, but still must put us out on the front lines to see what we are made of while facing the enemy. He wants to see how we dodge the bullets being shot at us, how we use the dirt that is being thrown at us. He wants to see if we will sink or swim.
He wants us to be creative with our obstacles, and distractions. He purposely does these things to us so that we can find the purpose that he has for us. And that Purpose is to persevere through any and all the toughest of situations. To dust the dirt that is thrown on our shoulders, using it as a stepping stone for the next scoop of dirt to come our way.
Did I just reveal the meaning of life? Probably not, but My point is, we are at war every day of our lives. This is how life ran pretty much before our time anyway. People had to fight in wars whether they wanted to or not, in order to establish their ground. Except we are not at war with others, at least not for the most part. We are at war with ourselves. It is a fight within us just to keep ourselves from drowning. And it is that fight we must face whether we want to or not, and we must always find ways to survive.
You see, God wants his people to remain courageous through our wars within ourselves.

He doesn’t want us to be discouraged and keep dragging around any dirt that is thrown our way. The dirt we drag we let get on us will only slow us down and keep us from reaching the top. After all, we all must always believe that we can reach the top and touch the stars. Remember, God created us to reach the Heavens, but he didn’t make it easy. He knew there was a Bad guy lurking down below, but he instilled a Holy Spirit in us to lift us High above the darkness of the bottom. He did, however, leave it up to us to find that spirit in our souls. It is there, but sometimes it just takes a leap of faith to find out.
Do you know the game Double Dare that is on the Nickelodeon Television channel? Kind of like a much more fun version of the Military obstacle course, but it was set up with boobytrap like things that made you must guess which the best path is to take to get through the course. It wasn’t meant to harm you in any way, just set you back a little if you made the wrong choice and encountered one of those boobytraps. I think that is the game that God is really playing with us. It’s as if he is pushing us through this wild and crazy, wacky obstacle course of life, in which at the end of the day we will all be ok, yet he challenges us to take that leap of faith every day on our way to an even better finish.
I know this all sound very cliché to some of you, but please stay with me on this one. I wrote the last paragraph to explain to you that there really is indeed truth to it all. Once upon a time, long, long ago, before you and I were born, these things really happened. It is no Fairytale. Several people wrote about a lot of those experiences back in those days, in which a lot of those stories still ring true now even. And it was formed into a big book called the Holy Bible. Again, maybe the story about the farmer and the dog is in there somewhere too, but even if it is not, the moral of the story for sure is made its way through a phycological realm of sorts, and somehow made its way into the mind, body, and soul in all of us.
We, believers, call it The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit, which if you think about it, it is the same way the mind, body, and soul work. God created Mankind, but God is not seen, but as of a thought, just like our minds. God sent his Son to live among us in Human form in Christ Jesus, in which he had a Body like ours. Then we all have a soul deep inside all of us that can best be described as our power source that controls the mind and body, or dig this, gives us the ability to have authority as a Father would, and at the same time uses our bodies in play as a son, or a child would. This is our spirit working inside of us. It is the Holy One who makes us Whole.

I hope this gives you a better sense of perspective of the Farmer and the Dog. Though it itself may be a fairytale, the moral of the story is that God only wants us to live a Holy life that is True, and to stop living in the dirt that is thrown, and have faith in your own heart and soul that Christ is real after all, because he lives in all of us.
How will you persevere?

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Preparation Is Everything


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Preparation is a Declaration of Readiness. It’s an assurance that makes us feel as the Steadiest. It’s a Schedule we fallow so Steadfastly to be sure.

When we prepare ourselves, the better circumstances we will endure.

It is the groundwork we layout, a direction of movement.

Any mission is achievable when you lay out a blueprint.

Never Caution Precaution, you can save yourself such hurt if you just take in the time and put in the work.

Study your surroundings, be alert and observant.

The more you Examine your footsteps, the better off your pursuit is.

We all have the desire to find Happiness through certain things, but this world can be cruel sometimes, and throw curveballs our way.

But just because we swing and miss, doesn’t mean we stop swinging.

A famous rock band called Journey once told us to Don’t Stop Believing.

What will your Journey be like, to reach your Salvation?

Put in order a Quest, toward Building a Firm Foundation.







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It’s an old cliché, most commonly used by Body Builders. Any Muscular toned jock, while flexing their big muscles, will tell you that if you don’t lift the heavy weights, you won’t get the big muscles. There is truth to the adage, yes, but it means so much more in our everyday lives than just having a muscular physique.
Any kind of growth will endure some form of pain. Suffering is a perfectly natural element in gaining something, whether it is muscle growth, weight loss, buying or selling merchandise, paying bills, battling addictions, and so much more.
All of these require some form of discipline to function properly. Discipline is like a forced authority that is generally is a systematic method of obtaining obedience. Discipline must be enforced to get the job done. Unlike a child, discipline doesn’t have to be enforced by others. Discipline can also be self-taught. You must have a strong mind, a clear conscious, and the willing conviction to change. This is when you gain from the process of discipline that was bestowed upon by yourself. The gain is the lesson or lessons learned from it, but it’s the discipline involved that creates the change. The change is the Gain, and the discipline is a mindset that one must create in order to obtain that gain. It will not always likely happen overnight though, for how the mindset that is created is a process in which one must have a great deal amount of patience in knowing that you cannot just get from A to Z without citing all of the letters in the alphabet, nor can you count from say 1 to 100 without having to count all of the other numbers in between. How about if you want to read a whole book, or watch a whole movie from beginning to end? You must read and/ or watch everything that happens in between in order to understand it all right.
Don’t believe in the Quick-Fix Gimmicks
We live in a society today that relies on quick fixes, and Instant Gratification. Today’s world presents us with too many advertisements, commercials, and many other forms of data that brainwashes us into thinking that we can have the things we want and or need at such an instant pace. So much so that it almost seems like society is becoming lazy. I mean, I guess it is really the Technology growing at such a rapid pace is what is mainly causing the demand for the Instant Gratification, but is it really gratifying? Well, that’s a stupid question I suppose, seeing as how we all want to see results now rather than later. It’s just how we as humans were wired. But why are many people still depressed? Even the ones who seem to have everything. A lot of those people are celebrities who have a lot of money. A lot of money can buy you that gratification instantly for sure, but it doesn’t make you famous.
This is in no way bashing celebrities for how they live their lives. Matter of fact, at some point in their lives they also went through a lot of pains to gain the success they have today. This piece is more about the fact that most everything does not just fall in our laps and make us successful. To become successful in life is to get that gain, but we all must suffer a great deal of some sort of pain in our journey to get where we want to be.



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Pain is not only physically endured. It is a mental feeling of getting through a period in which something can be uncomfortable for a certain period, whether it is seconds, minutes, hours, days, or years. That feeling of un-comfort. Is indeed that method of getting from A to B, A to Z, 1 to 100, or simply just the beginning to end. Pain is having the patience to complete whatever it is you are going through at any moment. Haven’t you ever heard the term, Growing Pains? Same concept of No Pain, No Gain, and rightfully so. Nothing will ever grow in life, in your life, if there is no process of patience and discipline involved. And it really, truly presents some form of a learning experience. Who doesn’t like to learn? If you don’t you are not natural, you are not human. You can gain so much knowledge if you just embrace the pain of so many situations. Even if it hurts, you can learn still learn from it, and grow so much larger, if you just put your mind to it.


no-pain-no-gain gear head

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Thank You for your Pain in reading my article. I hope it helps you Gain a better perspective on how sometimes you just need to put forth the effort in getting the things done that you want to accomplish in life.


According to, the proverb “no pain, no gain” means that some amount of suffering is necessary to better one’s self. The phrase refers to the idea that people need to push themselves until improvement is achieved.


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Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; Nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; Unrewarded is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.
-Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933)

You ever start a project that may take more than a few seconds, minutes, or days, or years to complete? Or maybe you want to start a diet and/or exercise program to get in better shape. Do you find yourself with many tasks that just need to get done, but then easily get distracted by something else? What is stopping you from completing those assignments?
We all aim to accomplish things whether it is through work or pleasure. It all starts with the ideas we develop in our minds to reach those accomplishments. However, something may corrupt those ideas with distractions. It is a strange form of human nature to get distracted by something, or someone for that matter. I guess that’s because the world is so full of ideas in all kinds of different shapes and forms.
This Earth was created to keep revolving, and all things like nature, food, water, and even us humans were put on it to do exactly the same thing, keep revolving, expanding, growing.
Somebody created all things to move in a motion of growth and hit the repeat button in the process of doing so in effort to keep it going nonstop, without interruption. That same person also created Humanity, and though there is a repeated process of mass population, reproduction, or procreation, there was a portion of that movement left up to the human being to keep up production for one’s self. However, the self within humans was meant to be disrupted in life for whatever reason.
You see, it’s up to you now, your self to keep growing, and to never stop. Sure, nothing lasts forever, what goes up, must come down, things die, people die, but while we as a human being are alive, we may as well make the best of it. Those ideas and/or actions one commits too can simply get disrupted by something or someone who may influence a person to move towards another idea, thought, or action which in turn interrupts the flow of process of movement.

A good example of disrupted forces could be the television as the media tends to distract us with all kinds of drama in movies, sitcoms, or even commercials. It is the vicious cycle of a soap opera that keeps us yearning for more. We all must buy into that product being sold in the infomercials. Now days there is the element of Reality on TV where we watch someone else relish in all the glory and successes.
Today’s society is also fueled by a ton of social media outlets which allows people to connect to one another. This single attraction is probably the most toxic of all distractions as it has forced an attraction to look down at our phones for that latest news and created a new way of gossip through text messaging. This method of social interaction can be dangerous because it takes out attention away from focusing on what is ahead, including the traffic we drive in. You cannot move forward with a phone in front of your face, and if you are not careful, that life cycle that is meant to keep growing, could very well end abruptly.
Therefore, we must all learn to put our phones down, turn the Television off, tune out social media from our lives from time to time, but more importantly, stop wondering what could have been. If you really want to finish the job, lose the weight, or simply just fulfil a dream or desire, we all must learn to cut out those distractions, and fight back temptation from any and all resources lurking outside of our common goal(s). Thus, stay focused on achieving the task directly in front of us, and we must not look back, down, or give up. Instead, get up, look forward, and get the job done.
This is called Persistence. It is the act of Firm or Obstinate continuance in a course of action despite difficulty or opposition. Persistence is the ability to keep going no matter what. Persistence doesn’t allow distractions, or any other obstacles for that matter to stand in its path. Whoever created us, instilled humanity with this quality to keep moving forward, but perhaps created the obstacles, and distractions to test our authority towards achieving a way of living our lives to the fullest.

We as people are not perfect though either. Our creator knew that full well that mistakes will be made. But that person did not create life just so we all things will be condemned to death the moment that something goes wrong. So, we all must be persistent in knowing that life goes on despite any interference that may come our way, and If we react positively, our possibilities can be endless.

Successful people bleed persistence. Chefs like Guy Fieri, Athletes like Jerry Rice, Business people like the late Steve Jobs, and home innovators like Chip and Joanna Gaines all are great examples of this. These guys, and gal have all earned the title of Entrepreneur; people who have worked tirelessly to be the best at what they do. They did not just become famous overnight. They are all where they are today based on the persistence and determination to make a name for themselves, despite any obstacles they faced.
Persistence defines success. It’s not the work you do, how much money you make, or where you go that makes you successful, it is how you got there, the path you paved, the hurdles you jumped over, and the trenches you dug, and the accelerative pace in which you do any work that makes you prosperous.
Early Century Scripture, such as the above quote from Calvin Coolidge, or books other books such as the bible tells us that you do not have to be a genius, or be talented, or even educated to be successful in our lives. These are scriptures merely just suggest for us to live our lives at a consistent level and never give up in our pursuit of happiness.


Persistant dog digging

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Keep digging until you find what you are looking for.


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Just Do It



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My friends, I have a cool shoe idea that I wanted to talk to you about.

No, it is not a Nike Shoe, although I am endorsing a slogan that Michael Jordan himself made very famous. I am no shoe salesman, nor am I trying to convince you to spend your money on something you never seen before. I do not have a sales pitch, or not even a shoe design to showcase in this article, but perhaps I can sell you a pair of motivational shoes.

It’s the shoes that you are already wearing, but more importantly the feet in which those shoes show semblance to.

All I ask is that you appreciate those shoes that you are wearing now and do me a favor, take a step forward. Can you do this? All you got to do is take that first step without any hesitation whatsoever. In fact, Here’s an old clip from Shia LaBeough to further elaborate on the subject.

Still feeling skeptical? Is there something inside you giving you doubt? Why don’t you talk to it? Tell it you really feel. Is there another voice telling you to just keep going? You need to talk to that one too. For most of us, it is called prayer. However, I understand, not all of us are spiritual. It doesn’t mean that there is someone still talking to you though. After all, that is you who’s talking. For those less spiritual, let’s just call it inter-monologue. It still tells you something right? Well just to let you in on a little secret for those of us who are spiritual and maybe do pray, we talk back to it that voice, even that positive one, except keep asking for forgiveness and mercy for our sins caused by that voice trying to bring us down.
Well even as spiritual and as the believer that I am, this is by no means a story to pursued others to follow Jesus. Really, that is your own choice, because I am also a firm believer that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. All I am trying to encourage you to move forward, and keep moving forward, because this world moves fast in a forward’s motion as well, and if you keep taking steps back, or don’t move at all, you are going to miss out on what is happening right in front of you. And it is that voice that keeps telling you to do something, therefore you must listen to it no matter

Take Action
Remember that step that I asked you to take earlier in the story? A step is an act of moving. Moving is an action in which one must take to go a certain direction. Nothing will ever get accomplished if no form of action towards that goal/dreams that you wish to achieve if you do not get up and move.

To create this motion, it requires a simple mind trick, to just, Well, Get Up and Go, Just Go! And for Christ sake, do not hesitate. Sure, it is indeed human nature to decipher any consequences in your head, as you should always be cognitive of any situation, but if whatever it is that you are conjuring inside your mind makes sense to you, then Take Action.
I can tell you first hand by personal experience, that if you do not act on alluring thought in your head, and don’t take that first step, you may find yourself in the dark place of regret. Regret is a state of mind that one must not live in no matter what. Though it is not natural disease such as diabetes or cancer, regret still can disease the mind with catastrophic consequences. To regret something is simply looking back in your past, therefore you are taking steps backwards in your life. It is perhaps the single most applicable deterrent to taking that step forward and making progress. It is perfectly natural to regret things in our lives as we are all human and make mistakes, but you are not living your life to the fullest if you do not take responsibly and hold yourself accountable by learning from those mistakes and moving on by taking action to correct them. Don’t ever dwell on your mistakes in life, because you will never get anywhere. You won’t ever achieve any goals, accomplish any tasks, or just simply live life in general.
Learning from your mistakes is the best way to move forward in life. Taking the steps to correct those mistakes helps us grow as the person that we want to be and need to be. So, I beg of you to hold nothing back. Just put on your shoes, or sandals, or whatever it is you like to wear on your feet, and move forward in your life, and be grateful of the ground in which you walk on. Don’t look down, nor behind you. Keep your head up always, looking ahead to where you are going, while confidently knowing where you came from.
Go Ahead!
Just Do It.

Manic Monday

Let’s face it, Monday’s Suck! It is the day when we all must simply get back into that daily routine, which for a lot of us means to get back to work. It is a day that requires us to basically just hit the start button all over again. That start button can also be referred to as the snooze button on your alarm clock. I’m willing to bet most of us hit that snooze button more often on than not, in effort to not get out of bed the first time it goes off.



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Why is this?

Well it very well could be for the simple fact that Monday’s especially follow what is most commonly known as, “The Weekend.” This is usually a two to three-day period in which no work is required, at least not in the corporate world anyway. And it gives us all an opportunity to hit the metaphorical reset button and take a break from our work schedules. This is also the time we all get a chance to interact/hang out with our friends and family, and just be our natural selves. Although sometimes to be our natural selves, we need a lot of rest and relaxation hence the reset button.
Mind you, a lot of us mostly use the weekend to get work done around our homes, whether it is cleaning it, mowing lawns, doing laundry, etc. However, when you are finished with said projects, the rest of your day off can be present a time for you to partake in fun activities that don’t involve those corporate projects that you may normally do during the week.
Rest and Relaxation is what we all yearn for every single day of our lives, and of course, who doesn’t want to have fun? And the weekends just don’t ever seem to provide enough time that we would all like to keep enjoying ourselves in that time of need.
Unfortunately, that dreaded Monday lurks right around the corner, as well as the other four days of that week in which doesn’t really present such happy times either. All you need to do though is just think of it as one more day closer and closer to that fun weekend off again, especially when you get to Friday. Friday’s are the days that beckons the weekend and provides us all a glimmer of hope that the weekend is right around the corner.
So generally, I guess this makes Monday’s the most dreaded day of the week? Well what if perhaps we can all look at it from the perspective of a good day. After all, we all need to start somewhere right? Might I encourage you to stop hitting that snooze button and jump right out of bed with the mindset of a fresh start towards a new weekend. Matter of fact, don’t dread any of the weekdays at all, because every day is a new beginning always, no matter what. You may not get a lot of opportunities for leisure activities, or spend as much time with your family and friends as you would like to during the week, but as long as you at least woke up, and got out of bed in one piece, than you should be able to get through the day as long as you keep in mind that the time for pleasure will come in due time. You just must move toward it.
There are a lot of days and weeks we all just wish would come to an end, or simply just not have to go through at all, and Monday’s are one of them. We all beckon for that End result, our just simply get out. When you get into something, that’s all you want to do is to get out, but just always keep in mind that the best way to get out of something, or simply just get to the end, you must go through it.


What is Inspiration?
Let’s face it, things just must get done, whether your working on a project at home, even exercising, cleaning the house such as cleaning the bathrooms, doing dishes, vacuuming etc. If you live in a house that has grass, you need to maintain it by mowing it, watering it, trimming bushes, pulling weeds, you know, all that fun stuff. Maybe it’s sitting down to figure out/pay bills, doing taxes, stuff like that. Or maybe you just really must go somewhere like school, a Doctor’s appointment, or that dreaded thing called a job.
All these things require you to get up and move. But we all tend to get tired, have no energy, or think too much about something that leads us to put those things off, procrastinate. Therefore, we lose focus, and our momentum gets drained too quick.
What gets us moving and keeps us moving? Perhaps that is the Million-dollar question. What gives we as people the power to do things when we are in a slump, feeling sluggish. It is that spiritual, growing, inherited feeling that we all must inhabit with ourselves. It’s called Inspiration. Inspiration is the form in which ignites our souls and enlightens our spirits to move forward.
So, what does that for you? What get’s you excited and motivated to move about your day?


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For a lot of us it is caffeine that does the trick, generally in the form of coffee. I’d venture to guess this is the most common form of inspiration for a lot of us, because coffee is a beverage that you would normally use to wake yourself up even more after getting out of bed. There are chemicals in coffee that just scream inspiration for a lot of us.
Caffeine such as coffee opens our eyes and lifts our spirits for the day ahead, but there are many other forms of inspiration too.

For example, a lot of us need music to carry us through the day.


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Music is also a huge form of Inspiration and motivation that stems from the tone of the music that is being played by the instruments, and if you really have an ear for music, you can also be inspired by the message that the song is delivering, and the words in which the musician is using to sing those songs.
Maybe your inspiration comes in the form of reading books such as the bible, or anything that encourages Positivity and Motivation; wink, wink.

Bottom line is that we all need Inspiration to keep us moving forward. Everybody is inspired by something. I’d like to know what inspires you the most to get through this thing called life?


  • NOUN
    the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative:
    “Helen had one of her flashes of inspiration” · [more]
    synonyms: creativity · inventiveness · innovation · ingenuity · genius · [more]
    the quality of being inspired, especially when evident in something:
    “a rare moment of inspiration in an otherwise dull display”
    a person or thing that inspires:
    “he is an inspiration to everyone”
    synonyms: guiding light · example · model · muse · motivation


Mojo is the moment when we do something purposeful, powerful, and positive, and the rest of the world recognizes it. The word “Mojo” originally referred to a folk belief  in the supernatural powers of voodoo charm, often in the form of a piece of cloth or a small pouch. Over time the word has evolved to describe a sense of positive spirit and direction, especially in the shifting tides of sports, business and politics.

To other people, Mojo is a more elusive sense of personal advancement through the world. Goldsmith’s definition of Mojo spins off from the great value he attaches to finding happiness and meaning of life. via


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We all remember Austin Powers. The beloved movie character played by Mike Myers who when lost his Mojo, couldn’t be the International Man of Mystery whom he claimed to be. He couldn’t be his Groovy, Smashing, swinger himself that we all knew and loved, Honestly. It was once taken from him by an evil nemesis that went by the name of Fat Bastard. Watch a clip here.

Austin Powers was able to get his Mojo back and save the world from evil SELRES_d4a1d020-f533-4800-a8ec-349b6079b19eSELRES_97403997-3543-4d97-a7af-3595956f6c11at all costs.

You see, Mojo is inside all of us. It’s not just in a movie. It is a form of our well-being. Remember that voice in your head? That is your Mojo speaking to you. If you want to rid the world or even just yourself from the forces of evil/ negativity, than listen to that positivity speaking to you, and apply it to your everyday life. Sure it is easier said than done. There’s always that Fat Bastard inside of us that wants to always try to block it from you.

So I challenge you to ignore that bastard and keep telling that Mojo you know yearn for to, “GET IN YOUR BELLY,” and go out and fulfill the mystery of your life.